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About Us

Who we are!

We are Baconology! A food truck company specializing in all things bacon. We offer a variety of different bacon-centric foods such as bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, BLTs and even vegan and vegetarian options. Baconology was created by a group of High School students who wanted to offer an easy and delicious solution for the many people who must choose between eating a quality meal or saving their valuable time. We strive to make sure our customer service is nothing less than impeccable from the moment you make your order and we also strive to create a diverse culture in contrast to the norms of big business in NYC.

Where we are!

We are located at Mercer Street & E 8th Street!

Our Employees!

Brentney Josephs

Chief Executive Officer

McAllister Boyle

Chief Operations Officer

Ava Lindyberg

Chief Finance Officer

Bryce Lowery

Chief Information Officer

Marco Montreuil

VP of Human Resources

Joseph Vetrano

Co Chief of Marketing

Dylan Devine

Co Chief of Marketing

Meet IT

Matthew Casale & Abhishek Sharma

Meet HR

Colin O’Hara, Soumik Sikder & Anthony Martella

Meet Marketing

James English & Nate Estimable

Meet Finance

Andres Novoa & Lionel Narain

DISCLAIMER: This Virtual Enterprise online store is for educational purposes only.

(2020-2021 Baconology)

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