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Corporate Responsibility

Our Mission

We at Baconology strive to create a diverse culture in contrast to the norms of big business in NYC. As a small food truck distributing hundreds of portions of locally grown ingredients, and vegan/vegetarian options daily, based on Mercer Street and East 8th Street, New York, we understand what it means to support small business. We at Baconology avoid buying from large businesses. Nearly 100% of all purchases made from us is small business related!

Our Covid-19 Health Standards

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we at Baconology understand that many families will awake this Christmas to an empty chair where a loved one once sat. We are taking, and have taken, comprehensive steps to control the spread of Coronavirus in and around our food truck on Mercer Street and East 8th Street. Plastic dividers, a well enforced “No mask, No service policy”, as well as a policy for all workers to be masked and wearing glove while on company property. Plus many other extensive measures to ensure the safety of our customers.

Our Stance

Our stance is one in complete support of, and with, the Black Lives Matter movement. Supporting local black owned business is one way we give back to the community. Please consider supporting the fight for basic human rights at

Our Commitments

  • The safety and health of employees and consumers
  • Contributing to black owned and small local business
  • Supporting diversity & change

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