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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you deliver?
    • A: Yes, we at Baconology deliver to any location within a 10 mile radius of our truck. 12/9/2020
  • Q: What are you doing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?
    • A: We have provided a plastic screen between our food truck employees and our customers, as well as a “No-mask, No-service policy.” 12/11/2020
  • Q: Are these grass-fed chicken eggs?
    • A: Yes, we only provide organic, grass-fed, free-range chicken eggs. 12/12/2020
  • Q: Do you serve a student bundle for only sides?
    • A: Sadly we do not have a bundle for just sides at this time, but thank you for the suggestion! Keep checking us out for great deals! 12/14/2020
  • Q: Where do you get supplies from?
    • A: We at Baconology are supplied by locally sourced farms. Using butcher-fresh meat! 12/15/2020
  • Q: What days are you open?
    • A: We are open 7 days a week to serve our customers! 12/16/2020
  • Q: Do you have vegetarian/vegan options?
    • A: Yes! Baconology has vegetarian options like the Fakin’ Bacon BLT, and the Fakin’ Bacon Frankenstein 12/17/2020
  • Q: What are your hours?
    • A: We at Baconology are open from 5 a.m to 10 p.m every day of the week! 12/20/2020
  • Q: How do you make your bacon so crispy?
    • A: We’re so grateful for the praise! While we can’t divulge our secret ingredients and methods – we can tell you our food truck is equipped with a state of the art induction stove that definitely helps with that crispy, crunchy bacon egg and cheese experience. 12/27/2020
  • Q: Does your team wear uniforms on the food truck?
    • A: Of course! Each of our team members loves to display the Baconologist within them! The entire team wears a Baconology shirt, with all the proper hair coverings to ensure cleanliness in our workspace. 12/27/2020
  • Q: How do I get a job at the truck?
    • A: Unfortunately Baconology is currently not accepting applications. You can check back at a later time! 12/28/2020
  • Q: Which holidays are you closed?
    • A: Baconology will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. 12/30/2020
  • Q: Where are you based?
    • A: Baconology is located at 8th Street and Greenwich Ave in NYC 12/30/2020

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